About Catherine

Catherine G Lucas is the Founder of the UK Spiritual Crisis Network (SCN), which gained charitable status in 2009. She is also an accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Trainer, delivering courses to mental health professionals and individuals. Clients have included the National Health Service (NHS), training Dialectical Behaviour Therapists and the Ministry of Defence, working with soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Catherine is an Expert by Experience in spiritual emergency and has created a unique Mindfulness-Based Approach to Spiritual Emergency. Between 2004 and 2007, she designed and delivered three residential conferences on spiritual emergency, the first entitled ‘A Mindfulness-Based Approach to Spiritual Emergency’.  International speakers included the Venerable Ajahn Sumedho, Abbot of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, Dr Roger Woolger, the internationally acclaimed Jungian regression therapist, Prof David Lukoff, President of the US Association for Transpersonal Psychology, and Kaia Nightingale, of the Canadian Spiritual Emergence Service.

Catherine has also featured on an edition of the BBC Radio 4 program Something Understood on Spiritual Emergency. For five years she taught part-time at the University of West of England on spirituality and mental health.

She regularly speaks and runs workshops at conferences. Events have included Keynote speaker at a conference on Mindfulness in Mental Health Care, organized by the Spiritual Care Team of Sandwell Mental Health and Social Care Foundation Trust, and running a workshop on A Mindfulness-based Approach to Spiritual Emergency at the Eurotas (European Transpersonal Association) conference in Milan, Italy. Her talk ‘Psychospiritual Crisis: Where Mysticism and Mental Health Meet’, delivered at the conference Spirituality, Mysticism and Mental Health held at Norfolk & Waveney Mental Health Care Partnership NHS Trust, is available at www.AcademyWisdom.co.uk.

Catherine has published various articles, including in Positive News and Caduceus (‘When Spiritual Emergence Becomes an Emergency’ in Issue 68) and a chapter in the book Past Lives - Present Healing edited by Deborah Monshin. In 2003, whilst working for Bristol Crisis Service for Women, she published The Rainbow Journal (ISBN 0 9531348 8 1) for young people who self-injure, which has sold thousands of copies.

Her book In Case of Spiritual Emergency: Moving Successfully Through Your Awakening is available from Findhorn Press, launched on 10 October 2011, World Mental Health Day.