Key Features of Spiritual Emergency

Ø The intensity of the experience can consume our whole being
Ø We can find it impossible to cope at an everyday level
Ø Our inner world can take over and blur confusingly with the outer world
Ø We can have unusual physical pains and sensations and find it impossible to sleep
Ø We can experience a rollercoaster of powerful emotions
Ø There can be a sense of everything falling away, including our sense of self in an ego-death, albeit usually temporarily
Ø There may be ego-inflation; for example, we may believe that we are the reincarnation of Jesus or Mary
Ø Thinking can become confused as the rational mind desperately tries to make sense of what is going on, resulting in psychotic-type elements
Ø Symbolism and mythological themes become very meaningful for us, for example, sacred union or marriage, the battle of good versus evil, etc.
Ø Meaningful coincidences, known as synchronicity, often become more frequent
Ø We might see unusual things, such as past-life flashbacks in our mind’s eye or spirits
Ø We can experience sudden and strong energies, either as our own life force energy is spontaneously released or with the powerful inrush of spiritual energies