Friday, 8 July 2011

If you pre-ordered your copy then you’re no doubt already reading it! I’m very impressed with the Speedy Gonzales efficiency of Findhorn Press’s distributor Deep Books. And I’m very much looking forward to hearing your first responses.
This is a momentous and poignant time for me. Almost a year ago my mother died and I was offered the contract by Findhorn Press, the two events happening simultaneously. An ending and a new beginning, a death and a re-birth, which is what spiritual emergence and emergency is all about. Letting go to make way for the new. I’m still astounded by the bizarre timing, though I trust it implicitly.
I find myself marvelling at the process of giving birth. Bringing the book into this world has been such a huge birthing process. Not only have I produced a book, with Findhorn Press the trusty midwife, I’ve also given birth to myself. As a writer.
Delivering the manuscript turned out to be just the beginning of the labour. The final push came with checking the proofs, in what must surely be Guiness-Book-of-Records-time. For every woman going through delivery there’s a whole team working flat out around her. Enter Findhorn Press, centre stage. Once the proofs were signed off, like many mothers who’ve just been through the horrors of labour, I thought, ‘never again!’. But of course that soon fades in the proud moment of holding the baby book (already I’m planning the next!). And now, like all proud parents, I want to give my newborn the best possible start in life. I hope you’ll join me in helping to make that possible. Spread the word! Thank you!

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