Friday, 12 August 2011

Ask the Author…AND…YouTube trailer

My web radio interview with interviewer Sandie Sedgbeer from America's Awakening Zone was a great success...she asked me many pertinent and tough questions, and the interview went on a whole hour followed by another half hour of listener questions.

If you missed it, do try and listen to the archive; you can catch it from the Awakening Zone website.

My book trailer is now up-and-running on on YouTube ... here's the link: YouTube Trailer Film 

Please do leave me comments on both this and the radio interview on my blog.

My book is a book of extremes; the terror and the bliss, the danger and the opportunity, as the psyche moves through its very own Hero’s Journey towards wholeness. Spiritual Emergency can be dangerous yet we can turn the experience into the wonderful opportunity for healing and growth ... my book shows how I achieved that.

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