Monday, 10 October 2011

Following up on Book Launch Webinar

I’d just like to expand a little on some of the topics covered in  today’s Book Launch Webinar. Ted Esser, Operations Manager for the American Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) mentioned Kundalini awakening as one of the key issues raised by those contacting SEN. Just to explain, if you’ve not come across the term before, in Indian teaching Kundalini life-force energy resides at the base of the spine and when released moves up through seven energy centers located along the spine. This can cause a range of difficult symptoms, including sensations of intense heat or burning in parts or all of the body.

Ted also mentioned ‘possession’ when discussing the slides in his presentation. Perhaps a less loaded term is ‘spirit attachment’. In response to Norma’s question asking for advice on spirit attachment, I would recommend the Spirit Release Foundation in the UK.
Kimberley mentioned that when she was in crisis meditation was recommended to her. This will depend on the individual, but on the whole we need to be very careful about meditating when we’re going through spiritual emergency. It has a tendency to open us up even further, to potentially speed the process up, when what we need is to slow it down.

A few questions we didn’t have time to answer
Will asked: Is a person undergoing spiritual emergency and having hallucinations typically able to read the symbology/meaning of their visions and any messages within them, or does it rather seem a chaotic process with no clear meaning?
My response is that it will depend, varying from one experience to another and from one person to another. It may be only much later, when making sense of the experience and integrating it that the meaning becomes clear.
Dinesh asked: Do you have any sense of how common a problem this is? What research has there been? Ted Esser talked a little about research, as does Kaia Nightingale, whose contribution we’ll be adding to the Webinar over the next couple of days. Many of us are feeling that the incidence of spiritual emergency is rising with the global shift in consciousness that is taking place. The evidence for that is mainly anecdotal.
Richard asked: At the point of spiritual emergency or crisis, I believe we are very vulnerable to people with their own agendas  for acquiring ‘converts’, any comment on that? He also sent his very best wishes for a successful event. Thanks for that, Richard. I agree that we are very vulnerable at such times, in many ways. The best we can do maybe is trust our intuition and instincts, which are usually quite strong at these times, and listen to any warnings we may be sensing. This is also why we need the support of family, friends and professionals to help us stay safe.
Do you have any questions you'd like answered? Did you find the webinar helpful? Just use the comment box below.

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  1. Thanks Catherine, your book is an inspiration and an excellent guide to the difficult feelings and emotions experienced in spiritual emergency. I noted that you use terms that I've applied to myself, such as feeling 'blasted open' by the energy. Best wishes to you and God bless you. Jeff.


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